OSU.edu – Using Comics to Inspire Inclusion

Ohio State Professor Frederick Luis Aldama is enriching views of arts and culture one incredible lecture at a time. Ohio State faculty member Frederick Luis Aldama talks to his students about the need for more diversity in comics. Frederick Luis Aldama has been teaching undergraduates since his arrival at Ohio State in 2005. He [...]

La Bloga: An Interview With Frederick Luis Aldama Regarding His New Book, “Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics”

This interview was conducted by Daniel A. Olivas for www.labloga.blogspot.com. All rights and privileges concerning this interview belong to their respective parties. To call Frederick Luis Aldama one of the hardest working people in academia, the arts, and literature would not be hyperbole. Aldama not only is the Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of [...]

Professor LatinX Chats with Erika Lopez

Latinx cartoonist, novelist, and performance artist, Erika Lopez, was born in New York City and raised by Quaker activist lesbian mamá in the suburbs of New Jersey and West Virginia. Lopez grew up self-identifying as Afrolatinx; her biological father was Afrolatinx Puerto Rican. She also grew up tremendously influenced by comics like Adam Hughes’s [...]