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Today, we’re living minute by minute a remarkable historical period in terms of pop cultural production—and its study. This site serves as a hub for the wide circulation of pop cultural phenomena that energizes my teaching and publishing on TV, webisodes, film, comic books, video games, music, food, tattoo and poster art, Tweet fiction, and much more.

I write books, lecture, speak, run community programs and curate the Planetary Republic of Comics.

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Planetary Republic Of Comics

A space for all things critical and creative about comics showcasing the variety and vitality of the presence and significant influence of comics in the shaping of culture, history, politics and society.

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"Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics" Wins the ILBA Award for Latino-Focused Nonfiction More information can be found at the University of Arizona Press website ...
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Cómix Latinx Interview: Eisner Award Winner Professor Frederick Luis Aldama—by Chris C. Hernandez
Representation of Latinx creators and characters in comic books improves each year. However, it can still be difficult to track them down. That’s why advocates like Professor Frederick Luis Aldama are so vital to our community. He has written a number of books about Latinx in comics as well as teaching on the subject at Ohio State University. His most recent book Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics! was very deservedly awarded the Eisner Award at SDCC this ...
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Review: "Voces Sin Fronteras: Our Stories, Our Truth"
The other day I arrived home to find waiting in the mailbox a weighty, Voces Sin Fronteras: Our Stories Our Truth. It proved not only weighty to the hand, but once I began peeling its pages back, weighty to the soul.  The 16 bilingual (side-by-side English then Spanish) comic book autobiographical vignettes that fill out Voces prove just how powerful word-drawn narratives can be, not just for us readers but for those telling their stories ...
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My blog seeks to enrich our understanding of the making and consuming of pop cultural phenomena


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