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Today, we’re living minute by minute a remarkable historical period in terms of pop cultural production—and its study. This site serves as a hub for the wide circulation of pop cultural phenomena that energizes my teaching and publishing on TV, webisodes, film, comic books, video games, music, food, tattoo and poster art, Tweet fiction, and much more.

I write books, lecture, speak, run community programs and curate the Planetary Republic of Comics.

Some books..

Planetary Republic Of Comics

A space for all things critical and creative about comics showcasing the variety and vitality of the presence and significant influence of comics in the shaping of culture, history, politics and society.

Browse characters, comics, creators or read more about The Republic here. - Using Comics to Inspire Inclusion
Ohio State Professor Frederick Luis Aldama is enriching views of arts and culture one incredible lecture at a time. Ohio State faculty member Frederick Luis Aldama talks to his students about the need for more diversity in comics. Frederick Luis Aldama has been teaching undergraduates since his arrival at Ohio State in 2005. He leads First Year Seminars, introductory courses, elective courses and honors classes. Aldama will tell you: He loves to teach. “It’s the ...
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Block O
Comics and Columbus: In the Heart of the Heart of the Heartland By Avery Samuels Ohio—from its icy lakeshores in the North to its rolling viridian hills in the South—is an undeniably liminal space. The state spent much of its youth as the edge of the western frontier, then evolved into a political swing-state. Sometimes, it seems like every famous person is repping Ohio: Steven Spielberg, Halle Berry, etc. Sometimes, it seems much more insular ...
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The Comics Journal - “It’s an Ideal Moment”: An Interview with Frederick Aldama—by Alex Dueben
Frederick Aldama is an Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor at Ohio State University where he is the founder and director of LASER, the Latino and Latin American Space for Enrichment Research, and the founder and co-director of Humanities and Cognitive Sciences High School Summer Institute at The Ohio State University. Since receiving his doctorate from Stanford, he’s written or edited more than thirty books. Some of those books have been about comics and Aldama won ...
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My blog seeks to enrich our understanding of the making and consuming of pop cultural phenomena


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