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Today, we’re living minute by minute a remarkable historical period in terms of pop cultural production—and its study. This site serves as a hub for the wide circulation of pop cultural phenomena that energizes my teaching and publishing on TV, webisodes, film, comic books, video games, music, food, tattoo and poster art, Tweet fiction, and much more.

I write books, lecture, speak, run community programs and curate the Planetary Republic of Comics.

Some books..

Planetary Republic Of Comics

A space for all things critical and creative about comics showcasing the variety and vitality of the presence and significant influence of comics in the shaping of culture, history, politics and society.

Browse characters, comics, creators or read more about The Republic here.

Pop Culture Podcast—Episode 1: ProfessorLatinx and Rachel Miller Talk "Captain Marvel"
ProfessorLatinx and Rachel Miller of the Ohio State University open the inaugural Pop Culture Podcast with ProfessorLatinx by discussing the culture war climate surrounding the release of Captain Marvel ...
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Courtesy 20th Century Fox
Robert Rodriguez’s Fever-Dream: 'Alita' and the Building of Latinx Sci-Fi Worlds Courtesy 20th Century Fox By Frederick Luis Aldama Most sci-fi films focus time and attention to building new worlds for us to experience. From Georges Méliès 1902 Trip to the Moon through Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel today, filmmakers have used their cinematographic storytelling skills to build new worlds for us to inhabit. Courtesy Warner Bros. To different degrees, however, such sci-fi storyworlds have ...
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Latinx Spaces: Crucial Storytelling—by Christopher C. Hernandez
Crucial Storytelling: ‘Tales from La Vida: A Latinx Comics Anthology’ By Christopher C. Hernandez, Comicosity “The interpretation of our reality through patterns not our own, serves only to make us ever more unknown, ever less free, ever more solitary.” — Gabriel Garcia Marquez, 1982 Nobel Lecture Gabriel Garcia Marquez recognized the importance of Latin America’s self-representation in storytelling. Marquez points out that Latinx peoples have a history of our stories being told for us and ...
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My blog seeks to enrich our understanding of the making and consuming of pop cultural phenomena


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