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Today, we’re living minute by minute a remarkable historical period in terms of pop cultural production—and its study. This site serves as a hub for the wide circulation of pop cultural phenomena that energizes my teaching and publishing on TV, webisodes, film, comic books, video games, music, food, tattoo and poster art, Tweet fiction, and much more.

I write books, lecture, speak, run community programs and curate the Planetary Republic of Comics.

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Planetary Republic Of Comics

A space for all things critical and creative about comics showcasing the variety and vitality of the presence and significant influence of comics in the shaping of culture, history, politics and society.

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Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics: The Documentary
Following the success of his most recent book, Latinx Superheroes in Mainstream Comics, Professor Frederick Luis Aldama—in partnership with the Ohio State University and Columbus, Ohio-based production company DG Cine—is bringing the experience of his book to life in a full-fledged documentary. In it, Aldama brings together academics, comics scholars, artists and content creators from across the Latinx community and its allies as they examine the history of Latinx characters in comic books. From Zorro ...
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Latinx Spaces: The Challenge of Sci-Fi —by Frederick Luis Aldama
THE CHALLENGE OF SCI-FI: by Frederick Luis Aldama My brain’s been working in overdrive and overtime. I’ve been thinking damn hard about the future—about how we might think and feel in the future as much as look in size and shape, about how our everyday life might be organized: from grocery shopping to driving to schooling to fucking. It’s damn hard to imagine anything but an extrapolation of our barbaric present. And I’m not the only one ...
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WSYX/WTTE Columbus: Ohio State Professor Hopes to Inspire Diversity in Comic Movies
This interview was conducted by ABC6 News for their "Slice of Life" segment. All rights and privileges concerning this interview belong to their respective parties. COLUMBUS (WSYX/WTTE) — An Ohio State professor is designing a class around comic books. While doing that, Frederick Luis Aldama is looking at why one demographic seems under-represented when the books are made into movies.  His latest book, "LatinX Superheroes in Mainstream Comics" explores the absence of Latino characters in comic ...
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